My name is Stan Postma.  I grew up in a small town in Iowa farm country, and since have lived in California, Texas, and now Oregon.  Canby is located about 20 miles south of Portland.  I have a wife and 2 children and six grandchildren.  I worked in the grocery industry for 50+ years and retired 7 years ago.  I've been turning wood for about 9 or 10 years and before that did some flatwork.  Wood is such a great medium to work with given all the interesting wood textures and colors that come out, especially when turned on the lathe.  I turn a wide variety of things, when I see a new technique, I have to try it.  I belong to 2 wood turning clubs from which I get a lot of my inspiration.  Please enjoy my work on this site and go on to my shop which has a wider range and variety of turnings.

My wife and I enjoy traveling in our motor home and travel mostly in Oregon during the spring, summer and fall months